Bariatric Counseling Services partners with clients on that journey.

​​Post bariatric surgery individuals may expect to experience an integrated and collaborative theraputic approach to weight-loss and lifestyle changes through education and counseling. In partnership with our client, an individualized Continuity of Care Plan is created to support immediate and long-range personal and lifestyle goals. 

Inspiring and nurturing a positive identity and lifestyle in weight-loss transition

For the person who recently had the surgery,

as well as those who had the surgery years ago.

Research indicates that bariatric surgery patients who have the greatest success are those with strong support systems.  Working with a caring and experienced therapist is essential when addressing behavioral and lifestyle changes.  For bariatric patients, these changes often focus on self-worth, body image and social interactions.  


Continuity Care Plan may include but are not limited to the following:


  • ​Identity and self-esteem
  • Aligning self-image and body-image 
  • Mastering the developmental milestones of weight loss
  • Defining goals as they change in the post-surgical process
  • Handling the perceptions of others
  • Maintaining your changed body
  • Lifestyle issues: from clothing, relationships, to food issues
  • Weight: attaining and maintaining post-surgery success
  • Thwarting self-sabotage
  • ​Dealing with setbacks
  • Plastic surgery choices and challenges


Continuity Care Plan objectives may be addressed individually, with family, or within a group. 

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